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Tremors in Chile

Chile, long known for large wineries and industry concentration is shook briefly this week as twelve small wineries from the Movement of Independent Chilean Vintners or, El Movimiento de Viñateros Independientes de Chile.

movi-despegue-smThe movement,  MOVI for short, is made up of a dozen partners and will grow in time. Each project is terroir specific and must be both quality and originality driven to be considered. The group elected a counsel and has adopted a strict entry-only-through-tasting policy from the get-go. Besides a few already-known faces the Movement is comprised of Bio-dynamic gurus, dry-farmers, an aristocrat, a lawyer, some die-hard garagistes and a splash of old-worldies without chateau affiliation. Whilst one would have to taste the wines themselves in order to feel the earth move under one’s feet, at least for now in print and online they promise a breath of fresh-air amidst their prim and orthodox established big brothers.

Finally, to end this seismic release, Mr. Sven Bruchfeld has been named the Movement’s first president, and as such he will be happy to field any questions or comments the press and/or wine drinking public may have.

Cheers with Chilean wine– made independently!

First Counsel

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