Maipo Valley June 1st 2009

The Movement of Independent Vintners is an association of small quality-oriented Chilean wineries who come together to share a common goal to make wine personally, on a human scale. Each and every vintage of every Movi wine is crafted to reflect a particular vision, and the origin and terroir from whence it came. There are no Fortune 500 companies, no economic groups, and no patrons of convenience. The common purpose of all who embark today in the Movement of Independent Vintners, Movi for short, is above all a quintessential passion for the endeavors of growing grapes and crafting fine wine.

Movi begins comprised of a mosaic of wine people and experience. Movi’s twelve founding members stem from widely differing histories and more than a half-dozen wine-making countries. In a world where homogeneity advances in ever larger steps, diversity and personality shall be the crux. Each member winery will lend their own particular commitment to independence: in their vineyards, in their winery, and in their allocations.

Movi aims to be a breathe of fresh air in a healthy but comfortable and conservative Chilean industry known well for blue blazers, grey flannels, incessant potential, and industry concentration. We pledge to contribute positively to the Chilean trade and to complement existing projects and missions with our own marque and energy keenly focused, albeit sometimes irreverently, on quality, diversity and personality.

Movi is born this day on a warm spring afternoon June 1st 2009. We the 12 founding members wish to formalize Movi’s creation and pledge our troth.

May the era of Movi begin!

Signed: Armidita, Attilio and Mochi – Tunquen, Clos Andino, Erasmo – Reserva de Caliboro, Flaherty, Garage Wine Co., Garcia-Schwaderer, Gillmore, Kingston, Lagar de Bezana, Meli, Peumayen, Polkura, Rukumilla, Starry Night, Trabun, Villard, Von Siebenthal